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Budget ways to give your bathroom a facelift

Tuesday, 17 May 2021 4:25:46 PM Australia/Sydney

You wake up in the morning, step into your bathroom, and cant help a feeling overwhelming disappointment when you realise that your bathroom is more than a little bit outdated. Read More
Posted in News By Shay Savage

Small and cosy bathrooms

Tuesday, 10 May 2021 9:16:39 AM Australia/Sydney

Your bathroom; it’s the first place you visit in the morning and the last place you visit at night. Read More
Posted in News By Shay McKenna

The Outdoor Bathroom

Friday, 15 April 2021 3:18:44 PM Australia/Sydney

To those of you who have pondered going beyond the standard indoor bathroom, why not try outdoors? You'd expect to find an outdoor bathroom in a beautiful resort, somewhere exotic like the Maldives, but in your own home? Never! Read More
Posted in News By Shay McKenna

Goodbye hesitations on Bathroom Renovations

Wednesday, 30 March 2021 9:16:02 AM Australia/Sydney

Of all rooms of the home, the bathroom can be one of the most difficult and costly rooms to renovate. Read More
Posted in News By Shay McKenna

Taking a Tip from our Ancestors

Thursday, 17 March 2021 9:03:11 AM Australia/Sydney

The process of furnishing your house can be a chore as well as a pleasure. It’s a grueling process that, over time can really start to become a burden. There are colors, themes, space and for some, feng-shui you need to take into account. Read More
Posted in News By Shay McKenna

Choosing a Shower Cubicle

Wednesday, 12 January 2021 3:50:53 PM Australia/Sydney

When designing your shower there are many things to consider including the tray, screen or cubicle, taps and mixers and lastly the shower head. Think carefully about the style of the rest of your bathroom and ensure you follow through with the same style into your shower. For example if your bath mixers have a square shape ensure your shower mixer and shower head are also square shaped.

Read More
Posted in News By Lyn Savage

Buying the right bathroom vanity unit

Monday, 13 December 2020 3:33:40 PM Australia/Sydney

As with everything these days the diversity of the bathroom vanity unit is huge and you will do yourself a big favour and save a lot of time by establishing your requirements before you begin your hunt for the perfect vanity. Some key facts to consider include: size, storage, colour, coordination, style and quality of the vanity unit.

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Posted in News By Lyn Savage

Buying the Right Bathtub

Thursday, 23 September 2020 1:37:58 PM Australia/Sydney

The majority of modern bathtubs are manufactured using either Acrylic or Cast Iron. With so much choice on the market it is hard to know which way one would best suit your needs. In the following article we cover the pros and cons of both materials giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision about which one best suits you. Read More
Posted in News By Lyn Savage
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