5 Ways Bad Plumbing Can Ruin Your House Remodel

Plumbing issues in a newly remodeled house can be a big pain in the neck and can give you a run for your recently-spent money. So plumbing is an aspect you need to consider carefully and hire professional assistance from plumbing services to avoid any later and constant disappointment. Here are 5 ways bad plumbing can ruin your house remodel;

Ruining Hardwood floors

It will break your heart to see burst pipes ruin your amazing, new flooring. A leakage in the pipes or blocked drains central coast under your floor can cause wooden floors to swell up and render the floor panels useless. So not only will your expensive new floors be ruined, but will also put a dent in your pocket having to replace them along with the pipes underneath.

Water seepage in walls

Similar to flooring damage, leakage in walls or burst pipes can cause permanent damage to the structure as well as your freshly covered dry walls. It’s always devastating to encounter a problem on something you’ve improved on without knowing that there was a larger issue in the first place. It’s best to have a plumbing expert inspect everything before you put on the finishing touches on your remodel to avoid any later disappointment.

Damage to Fixtures

The shiny new fixtures in your bathroom, faucets on your kitchen sink, and other rooms are probable to take a direct hit from lack of good plumbing. Low or high pressure, blockage and rust can damage the fixtures to ruin their aesthetic quality as well as their function. Re-installation and re-piping can take a heavy toll on your pocket and can take a chunk out of your entire budget, so better be safe than sorry and have the plumbing checked before installing shiny new fixtures.

Damage to the Foundation

A lot of the damage caused by bad plumbing can be invisible but structurally threatening to your foundation. Having small issues like burst pipes or water leakage can seem like trivial issues but they can cause great destruction as they can weaken the structural elements of your house over time.  

Roof Replacement

More often than not, badly maintained or installed drainage systems on the roof can become cause for great concern and can compromise the structural integrity of the roof itself. Especially in the case of wooden roofs, a well maintained roof can be used for decades whereas it can be overwhelming how soon it needs to be replaced when the plumbing system is faulty.

Since you’re already spending so much a house remodel, it might be good idea to hire plumbing services to assess if you have any damage and what can be done to avoid it in the future. It may seem pricey or unnecessary at the moment, but it will save you the stress and the big bucks in the long run.